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Alderman Ferries

Registered Charity No. 529821

Regulations for the Alderman Ferries Charity

  1. The Trustees of the Alderman Ferries Charity offer grant awards annually, subject to available funds.
  2. The object of the charity is the advancement of education in one or more of the following ways:
    (a) In assisting beneficiaries who are preparing for, entering upon, or engaged in any profession, trade, occupation or service by providing them with outfits or by the payment of fees, travelling or maintenance expenses, or by such other means for their advancement in life or to enable them to earn their own living as the trustees think fit.
    (b) In awarding to beneficiaries awards tenable at any secondary school, training college, university or other institution of further (including professional and technical) education approved by the trustees.
    (c) In otherwise promoting the education, including social and physical training, of beneficiaries.
  3. The beneficiary shall observe the regulations of the educational establishment as identified in section 2, and his or her conduct, attendance and progress thereat shall be satisfactory. The Trustees may call for reports on these matters from the educational establishment as identified in section 2 and may, at any time, withdraw the grant if they consider that the beneficiary has not satisfied these conditions. The Trustees may also, at their absolute discretion, withdraw the grant for any other cause.
  4. A beneficiary is a person:
    (a) Who is normally resident in the City of Kingston upon Hull or who has attended an educational institution in Kingston upon Hull for at least two years during primary or secondary education.
    (b) Aged under 25 years.
    (c) Normally applications will only be considered from those persons seeking further educational advancement beyond their normal schooling.
  5. To be eligible a candidate must: -
    (a) Be accepted for admission to the educational establishment as identified in section 2(b).
    (b) Furnish trustees with such testimonials and other information as they may require;
    (c) Attend an interview by the Trustees if required to do so.
    (d) Provide proof of their identity and address.
  6. The Trustees shall be entitled to withhold awards in any one year if, in their opinion, there are no
    suitable candidates.
  7. An Alderman Ferries award may be held in addition to an award from elsewhere.
  8. The awards shall be granted by Trustees at their absolute discretion and will be in accordance with the scheme sealed by the Charity Commission on 8th May 2008. The scheme was guided by the will of the original founder, Alderman Thomas Ferries, dated 22nd January 1630.
    Alderman Ferries
    Northumberland Court
    Northumberland Avenue
    HU2 0LR
    NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 15/11/2013
    N.B. The Trustees will only consider application forms that have been fully
    completed and supported by relevant required information. The Trustees do not require a CV.
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