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Alderman Ferries

Registered Charity No. 529821

The Alderman Ferries Fund offers grants to students in need of financial assistance to help them further their education.

Originally "Thomas Ferries for Apprenticing" was set up to offer assistance to young people wanting to start a career or further their education. In 2008 the name was changed but the scheme objectives remain the same:

"The object of the charity is the advancement of education in one or more of the following ways:

In assisting beneficiaries who are preparing for, entering upon, or engaged in any profession, trade, occupation or service by providing them with outfits or by the payment of fees, travelling or maintenance expenses, or by such other means for their advancement in life or to enable them to earn their own living as the trustees think fit.

By awarding to beneficiaries grants for assistance with expenses at any secondary school, training college, university or other institution of further (including professional and technical) education approved by the trustees.
In otherwise promoting the education, including social and physical training, of beneficiaries."

Trustees sit every December to agree annual grants for applicants.

If you would like to apply for a grant from the Alderman Ferries Fund please read through the Regulations here then go to the Application Form to download or request a form.

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